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Welcome to Toofunni where it's full of FUN, INSPIRATION & PUN!

Why those 3 words to describe Toofunni?

Toofunni is a reflection of my love of doodling and keeping life fun, light and full of laughter. Life is tough as it is so my hope is for you to find even a tiny bit of joy as you explore my designs, which are all handmade with love for you!


Ever since I was young, I always had a passion to create and draw. I would always make gifts for friends and family where I soon discovered how fun it was to gift the things I made and see the reaction on their faces when they opened their gifts. Fast forward to today, my passion has turned from a hobby into my very own small business where I continue to have fun making thousands of items for people to gift to their loved ones.


If you're laughing and smiling as you read all the punny things in the shop, I know that I've done my job of sharing a small hint of joy in your day. I've done many craft fairs since starting this small business and just seeing the giggles and roaring laughter as customers stop by to read the cards and mugs amongst their friends, it just warms my heart. 


In a world that sometimes feels very grey, where often times we get stuck in a routine of day to day life, Toofunni strives to splash your world with some fun colour! My hope is that you will find inspiration through my work, find joy in even the little things in life, lean on Jesus in all things and go for your dreams. You never know until you try. The hardest part is starting.

If you'd like a closer glimpse of my journey through the daily walks of life as a shop owner, mama to a cute little boy, creative thriver, fellow Christian believer and dog, sports and food lover, follow along on my Instagram stories!

Thanks for stopping by my shop!

Xoxo, Tiffany 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13 (ESV)