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Welcome to our TOOFI POINTS Rewards Program!

For every 100 POINTS collected, you get $1.

You can use it right away or keep collecting and use that credit towards your order! Want to join our program and start collecting points? It's easy and free!

Ways to Earn Toofi Points:

1. Sign up for an account = 50 Points

2. Enter your birthday = 500 Points every year

That's almost enough for a free card or sticker!

3. Follow on Instagram = 50 Points

4. Like on Facebook = 50 Points

5. Share on Facebook = 100 Points

6. Place an Order = 2 Points for every $1 Spent!


Here's a quick and easy step by step on how to join!

STEP 1: Press the STAR ICON on the bottom right corner or JOIN TOOFI POINTS BUTTON on the top of this page.

STEP 2: Press the JOIN NOW button. (If you pressed on JOIN TOOFI POINTS BUTTON, skip this step because you'll be automatically directed to STEP 3.)

STEP 3: Enter your info. Press CREATE an account.

STEP 4: Go to your email and ACTIVATE your account. Then you're done!